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NEM 2023 Interview Series: A Q&A with The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation

Sylvain St-Arneault, General Manager of Engineering at The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation (SLSMC), discussed his background and the importance of National Engineering Month (NEM) in an interview. He highlighted the importance of the engineering team’s work in maintaining the Seaway infrastructure and ensuring the vital waterway remains a key link in the North American Supply Chain.

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NEM 2023 Interview Series – A Q&A with TELUS

Readers will gain insights into the experiences of two influential leaders in the Canadian telecom industry, Ibrahim Gedeon, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Tim Fell, Vice-president, Future Friendly Technology Services at TELUS. The interview covers their unique journeys with TELUS, the importance of diversity in engineering and technology fields, the value of lifelong learning in their work at TELUS, TELUS’ approach to tackling key technology challenges, and its focus on software engineering and development.

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Construction Crisis: The Alberta Example 

Ontario faces a housing crisis with a need for 1.5-1.85 million homes in 10 years. Edmonton’s digital authentication system could help streamline construction approval, reduce delays and costs, and improve building quality. Ontario should follow this example to address the housing crisis.

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NEM 2023 Partner Profile – IPEX

IPEX is a North American manufacturing company focused on water challenges and clean energy. Tamzid Mahmood is an R&D engineer who enjoys exploring new materials and testing, with a career built on IPEX’s collaborative research approach. Sebastian Gutierrez is the IPEX Automation Engineering Manager, responsible for leading and coaching a group of eight project engineers and specialists. IPEX offers a New Graduate Development Program to invest in new talent and provide on-the-job training. Supporting the development of their employees is key to IPEX’s growth with purpose.

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