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NEM 2023 Interview Series – Hydro Ottawa

Laurie Heuff, Director of Distribution Engineering and Asset Management at Hydro Ottawa, highlights the importance of lifelong learning for engineers and the need for the profession to constantly question the status quo and look for ways to improve the use of sustainable technologies to electrify society.

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NEM 2023 Interview Series – Bruce Power

National Engineering Month (NEM) is a special time of the year for engineers to celebrate the advancement in engineering fields. As the month progresses, we’re connecting with premier members of Ontario’s engineering community to talk about where the field is headed. In this interview, Aiman Khan, Senior Program Manager at Bruce Power, discusses the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion, particularly gender parity in engineering fields.

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NEM 2023 Partner Profile: Albarrie

Albarrie’s engineers are dedicated to creating innovative, high-performance industrial nonwoven technical fabrics and products to address environmental issues caused by industrial processes. They are at the forefront of creating real solutions to tackle climate change, helping industrial organizations move away from outdated products and methods to reduce global warming. Albarrie engineers have developed a range of products and applications to meet the needs of their customers, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and exploring new ways to improve products. They are committed to inspiring the next generation of engineers and providing valuable insights into the day-to-day challenges of engineering. Together with industry leaders, Albarrie’s engineers are making a significant difference in addressing environmental challenges.

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NEM 2023 Partner Profile – Conestoga College

Conestoga College’s School of Engineering & Technology offers a wide range of accredited Bachelor of Engineering degrees with co-op programs that prepare students for exciting careers in the fields of engineering and technology. With a focus on project-based and work-integrated learning, students gain practical, hands-on skills that are in high demand by employers. Conestoga’s state-of-the-art facility, conveniently located off the 401, features labs, shops, and classrooms outfitted with the latest technology to augment students’ learning experience. Explore career-focused degrees in cyber systems engineering, power systems engineering, mechanical systems engineering, electronic systems engineering, and building systems engineering. Contact Conestoga College to learn more about their programs and credentials.

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NEM 2023 Interview Series: ACEC-Ontario

In this article excerpt, Bruce G. Matthews, P.Eng., the Executive Director of ACEC-Ontario, provides insight into the world of consulting engineering as part of National Engineering Month Ontario (NEM) events. He discusses the different career paths available to consulting engineers, the demand for infrastructure in the next 10 years, and the activities of professional engineers who accept accountability for engineering work. Consulting engineers can be from any engineering discipline. Consulting engineering firms hire fresh graduates and co-op students and have established professional development programs. Career progression within a consulting engineering firm usually involves taking on larger responsibilities from design specification to project management and eventually business management.

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NEM Partner Profile: Tatham Engineering

Tatham Engineering prioritizes employees’ growth through a mentorship program with 25% participation. Matches are tailored to individual interests, location, experiences, and personalities. The program has received positive feedback from both mentees and mentors. Learn more about Tatham and what staff say about working there.

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