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NEM 2024 Partner Profile: Albarrie

Albarrie engineers are at the forefront of combating climate change, developing innovative solutions to reduce industrial emissions and protect the environment. Explore our cutting-edge products and join us in honoring the skilled professionals driving progress during National Engineering Month. Together, let’s engineer a brighter future with Albarrie!

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NEM 2024 Interview Series: Notarius

Explore insights from Marc St-Jacques, VP of Sales and Marketing at Notarius, as he discusses the significance of digital signatures, industry trends, and the evolving landscape of engineering in Canada.

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NEM 2024 Interview Series: Alectra Utilities

Gain insights into the engineering industry with an exclusive interview featuring Namrata Joshi, Manager of Distribution Support Services at Alectra Utilities. Discover her background, the importance of National Engineering Month, and Alectra’s role in driving innovation in the utility sector.

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