NEM 2024 Partner Profile: CEM Engineering

At CEM Engineering, we know the world is changing. A global push towards clean and renewable energy sources have many organizations and companies working on custom clean energy projects. The problem is, many companies are unprepared to tackle these projects, leaving deadlines missed, investors frustrated, and capital wasted on projects which were never going to work.  

We believe every clean energy system should meet its full potential and we’ve spent the last 20+ years specializing in molecule-based decarbonization, completing over 50 projects and commissioning over 415 MW of energy.   

With foundational experience in cogeneration and energy management projects, CEM has become a leader in Canada’s energy transition, focusing on the following core competencies:  Biogas/RNG; Power & Utilities (including cogeneration; power generation; and boilers); Hydrogen; Carbon Reduction; and Carbon Capture.

As a client-driven decarbonization project delivery firm, here is how we do it:  

1.    Discovery – We meet with you to understand the project and draft a comprehensive proposal to align on a plan for the project.  

2.    Development – Our team works through the initial steps of the project design to get an accurate expectation of scope and cost.  

3.    Implementation – We work with you through procurement, design, construction and commissioning to get the project across the finish line.  

4.    Operation – Your project is complete and operating to your expectations.  

While not every client or project needs  every step above, we work with our clients at any level of engagement  to guide them through  to a successful project. Located in three offices across Canada (Ontario and Calgary), our services range from consulting through to detailed design and, if needed, we can deliver projects on an EPC/turnkey basis.

Learn. Grow. Thrive. Together. 

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