STEM forward with SCWIST – to meet global challenges and opportunities

Gender equality is a human right – and a solution to address our global challenges and capture opportunities.

With 80 percent of jobs in the next decade requiring some knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), it is crucial that we push STEM Forward to fully utilize ALL the talent available.  We know that diversity in STEM is a competitive advantage and that inclusive diversity drives innovation, creative solutions, and sustainable progress.  STEM jobs are associated with higher pay and achieving gender equity in STEM can positively impact the economic recovery of women, while paving the path toward solving complex problems. 

Since 1981, SCWIST (the Society for Women in Science and Technology) has been dedicated to removing barriers for girls and women in STEM. SCWIST’s mission is to inspire, empower, and advance more women across the Canadian STEM landscape. For over 40 years, SCWIST has delivered a diverse range of high-impact programs to support girls and women in STEM career pathways through mentorships, workshops, networking events, job boards, career fairs, and advocacy work

To advance its mission, SCWIST creates an environment where women and girls can pursue their interests, education, and careers in STEM – without barriers.  SCWIST uses the terms women and girls with a broad meaning that includes people who identify themselves as women, girls, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, two-spirit, and gender questioning.

SCWIST encourages girls to explore careers in STEM through a variety of youth engagement programs including STEM Explore workshops, Quantum Leaps Conferences to learn about STEM careers, Indigenous programs, Science Literacy Week activities, and e-mentoring programs that pair high school girls with women in STEM role models for mentoring support and inspiration.  

STEM Streams pilot program by SCWIST provides comprehensive training and mentoring support to advance women in equity-deserving groups including racialized, Indigenous, 2SLGBTQ+, living with disabilities, and prolonged detachment from the labour force.  SCWIST supports Safe STEM Workplaces by providing tailored support and prevention training to companies including collaborating with them to create comprehensive policies, trauma-informed reporting mechanisms, and avenues for resolution.

SCWIST’s advocacy work is strengthened by its ability to listen and amplify the voices of women in STEM. From contributing key recommendations to the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women –  to providing insights on how to bridge the gender pay gap, SCWIST advocates for policies that support women in STEM throughout their career stages. 

In the STEM Forward Project, SCWIST advocates for increased representation, accountability, pay equity, flexible work, parental leave, and inclusion in the workplace.  With its Make Diversity Possible program, SCWIST works with STEM organizations to attract diverse talent and create inclusive workplaces where everyone can thrive.  The STEM Diversity Champions Toolkit provides resources to create positive change and reach equitable outcomes for all people in STEM.   

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