NEM partner profile: Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU)

Leading up to NEM Ontario 2023 events we are profiling our partners and the contributions they make to Ontario’s engineering community. This post features Toronto Metropolitan University’s (formerly Ryerson University) Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS) Co-op & Internship program.

Strengthen your workforce with TMU’s engineering co-op program.

Building and maintaining an effective engineering workforce in today’s labour market is no simple feat.

There is immense competition for engineering talent across all sectors, especially in the fields of mechanical and computer engineering. The baby boomer generation is beginning to transition to retirement and alternative forms of employment, resulting in talent gaps. And organizational leaders are increasingly time-strapped as they need to balance recruitment with fostering an inclusive, equitable, and thriving culture. 

While there is no quick fix, Toronto Metropolitan University’s (formerly Ryerson University) Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS) Co-op & Internship program has become a go-to partner for employers looking to streamline finding and hiring diverse talent.

Address hard-to-find talent gaps 

The FEAS co-op and internship program provides access to high-performing students across a range of engineering capabilities and specialties. In addition to aerospace, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, industrial, and mechanical engineering fields, FEAS’ talent pool includes students specializing in evolving fields, such as biomedical engineering, mechatronics, and building science. Taking a hands-on approach, the FEAS Co-op team works with employers to identify potential candidates that can address their unique talent needs. FEAS Co-op also prepares students in advance – through interview testing, soft skills development, workplace simulations, and workplace communication education – so that they can succeed long-term within an employer’s organization.

Welcome new perspectives to your workforce

Dr. Thomas Duever, Dean of FEAS, believes, “For diversity to truly succeed, a key element is required: inclusion.” Fostering inclusivity among all participating students will always be a top priority for the FEAS co-op and internship program. As a result, FEAS is able to help organizations on their journey to create and maintain an equitable workforce and culture. By providing access to a highly-skilled and diverse talent pool, it is becoming easier for organizations to welcome new employees and perspectives.

Simplify the process for engaging with, and hiring, future engineers

The FEAS co-op and internship program goes beyond just providing access to high-quality candidates. Dedicated co-op staff provide employer partners with support throughout the entire hiring process, which includes promoting jobs through the co-op portal, sharing student applications, coordinating interviews, and more – essentially providing a “one-stop shop” for an employer’s hiring needs. To further empower employers, FEAS does not employ a “match and rank” employment model. Instead, FEAS helps to facilitate the hiring process, while allowing the employer to make the hiring decisions that are right for their organization.

Discuss your needs with FEAS Co-op

FEAS Co-op works with a range of organizations, including AMD, Celestica

Toronto Hydro, Bombardier, Sanofi Pasteur, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and Hydro One Networks, to help address their workforce needs.

Whether your organization is an existing partner, or you are looking to begin a new partnership, FEAS can help identify co-op and internship arrangements that will best meet your needs.

To get in touch with FEAS co-op, please contact:

Ashton Jila, Partnership Specialist,
FEAS Co-op


Phone: 416-979-5000 ext.553677

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