NEM 2024 Interview Series: Toronto Hydro

Explore the riveting journey of Kirk Huntley, an Electrical Power Systems Engineer at Toronto Hydro, spanning from Guyana to Toronto, through challenges and triumphs in the engineering realm. Uncover Kirk’s perspectives on National Engineering Month, lifelong learning, industry evolution, and innovative initiatives at Toronto Hydro, shaping the future of engineering.

NEM 2024 Interview Series – TELUS

Explore valuable insights into the challenges, successes, and career development of women in the tech industry, shared by Ivey Chiu, Senior Strategy Manager, and Sara Ghaemi, Software Developer, at TELUS.

NEM 2024 Interview Series – University of Toronto

Gain valuable insights from Liane Catalfo, President of the University of Toronto Engineering Alumni Network (EAN) and a Professional Engineer at Deloitte. Discover her perspective on lifelong learning, professional development, and giving back to the engineering community.

NEM 2024 Interview Series: ACEC-Ontario

Discover the pivotal role of consulting engineers in shaping communities through an enlightening interview with ACEC-Ontario’s Chair, Don Holland from GHD Consulting Ltd. Gain valuable insights into the challenges, triumphs, and impact of consulting engineering in Ontario.

NEM 2024 Partner Profile: Carleton University

This time last year, Carleton University’s newest building came online with flurry of student activity. The Engineering Design Centre (EDC) is more than just a three-storey, 25,000-square-foot facility. It is a physical representation of Carleton’s commitment to student innovation, where undergraduate Faculty of Engineering and Design (FED) students can advance their work and research in dedicated workspaces. […]