Lifelong Learning

The world and our approaches to work are ever-changing. Engineers need to adapt and engage with new technologies, pedagogies and understandings. Dedication to lifelong learning is essential to prosperity.

This is our ever-growing list of lifelong learning resources relevant to the engineering and engineering technologist community. Have a resource you’d like to add? Give us a shout at

Engineering, Innovation, and Creativity

The past, present, and future of engineering

Livestream of NEM

A conversation on the intersection of art, ethics & engineering panel

Centre for Humane Technology – Your Undivided Attention Podcast

Interdisciplinary view on technology & design

Work to learn

“In the past, we learned in order to work; Now and into the future, we must work to learn.”

The Changing Landscape of Business & Engineering

Engineering and business are changing, here’s what the shifts mean for the profession.