NEM 2024 Partner Profile: SCWIST

We Need More IDEAS in STEM

Since 1981, the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology ( has been advocating to increase diversity and representation in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  With 80 Percent of future jobs requiring STEM skills, it is crucial that we attract and advance diverse talent in STEM sectors, and create safe, inclusive workplace cultures where everyone thrives.

IDEAS = Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Sustainability

SCWIST’s mission has evolved to encompass the comprehensive IDEAS framework consisting of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Sustainability.  The inherent interconnectivity of IDEAS in STEM is pivotal for shaping a future where STEM not only advances rapidly but does so ethically, equitably and sustainably.

Inclusion and Diversity are Catalysts for Innovation

By fostering environments where a multitude of perspectives are heard and valued, we can address societal challenges while pushing the boundaries of what is achievable within STEM sectors. Equity and accessibility are integral to ensure that the benefits of STEM contribute to improving quality of life worldwide. An inclusive and accessible STEM landscape also addresses the digital divide, allowing innovations to be distributed more equally.

Sustainability is Core Principle

The IDEAS framework places sustainability at its core, to guide responsible development in STEM by considering long-term environmental and social impacts, as well as ensuring actions to improve Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility are sustained and continually improved.

SCWIST Actively Champions IDEAS in STEM

SCWIST advocacy is the foundation for its programs that reach across Canada to advance a diverse workforce including BIPOC, immigrants, 2SLGBTQ+, people working with disabilities, and other underrepresented groups.  Our vision is that girls, women and equity-deserving groups can pursue their STEM interests, education and careers WITHOUT barriers.

Mentorship for Community, By Community

STEM professionals access resources and establish meaningful connections via MakePossible, SCWIST’s mentoring community. Facilitated mentoring sessions and community conversations enable members to develop skills, share expertise, tackle issues, and capture opportunities for career advancement.   

Resources to Propel STEM Forward

Through  Make DIVERSITY Possible, STEM companies access resources to attract a diverse workforce and build inclusive workplace cultures that support them. Companies measure their progress with SCWIST’s Diversity Dashboard for STEM Inclusion.  SCWIST’s newest project addresses Gender-Based Violence in STEM Workplaces by providing workshops and toolkits to engage men, shift attitudes, transform behaviors and empower change. Key elements include understanding gender stereotypes, creating psychological safety, using inclusive communication and being an active ally in the workplace.  

STEM Pathways to Success

SCWIST’s Job Board connects companies to diverse STEM talent, while the annual Women in STEM Virtual Career Fair includes keynote speakers, industry panels, career spotlights, skill development workshops, resume coaching, and structured networking sessions. These career pathway resources amplify the reach and impact of SCWIST programs to advance IDEAS across STEM sectors.

IDEAS in STEM – An Essential Compass to Navigate the Future of Innovation

By embracing IDEAS in STEM, we can ensure that progress in STEM serves as a force for sustainable growth and prosperity for all.  Come explore SCWIST resources and programs at 

Learn. Grow. Thrive. Together. 

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