Top 5 engineering wonders you can visit during March break

March break is not even half over! If you need some local ideas of where to go as a family this week, here are our favourite engineering wonders that are in Ontario and totally worth the visit. 1. CN Tower - Civil construction engineering The CN Tower is an iconic piece of the Toronto skyline and the world's tallest

Engineering Entertainment

The world's best video game development companies have called Canada home for quite some time now. Up until recently, Vancouver was a heavy contender in the fight for the title of "Silicon Valley of the North" and could do so with it's burgeoning video game industry. The lower mainland area has lost some ground in

UofT Engineering is Gamifying Social Innovation

In October, the University of Toronto's (UFT) Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (ILead) posed a difficult question to 28 students. "How do I work with myself and others using effective tools and frameworks to create meaningful change?" Changing the world can seem like a daunting task but students were instructed to form groups they felt

George Brown College Researchers Hack Your Life

iPhones, robots, FitBits, Playstations... if you're not crazy about one of these pieces of hardware, chances are someone very close to you is. A lot of people are confused by the word we use to describe the machines, wiring, and other physical components of a computer or other electronic systems. Luckily, with the explosive ubiquity of

Lassonde School of Engineering Partners with IBM to Celebrate International Women’s Day Early in Toronto

The National Engineering Month team was invited to a private screening of the latest Hollywood film highlighting engineering excellence. The Lassonde School of Engineering partnered with IBM Canada to put on a private screening of the NASA tale of Hidden Figures. The film was an amazing way to celebrate International Women's Day early. The film did

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