Engineering Entertainment

The world's best video game development companies have called Canada home for quite some time now. Up until recently, Vancouver was a heavy contender in the fight for the title of "Silicon Valley of the North" and could do so with it's burgeoning video game industry. The lower mainland area has lost some ground in

The 21st Century Economy

Our world today is so complex that very few people, if anyone, understand the mechanics of how everything interacts with its surroundings. We have electronic, mechanical, software, economic, social, and just about any other system you can think of, interacting with one another. These systems push levers and actuate processes that elevated levels of expertise

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A Place For You in Space

In the late 1950's the then USSR and USA began a competition of the minds when they initiated their space race.  The two countries driven by competitive spirit and pride entered an era of unprecedented innovation in technology from computing to rocketry. Today a new space race has begun but not between governments. Startups and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk's SpaceX are opening

The Fight AGAINST Diversity

A quick google search of "anti-diversity" will take you to some pretty dark parts of the internet that we recommend avoiding unless you're looking to lose some faith in humanity. To say the least, the subject is very controversial and usually centres around tokenism and the falsely based argument that we must trade of competence for

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Digital Literacy in Canadian Youth

Our increasingly digitized world can seem simple with their being an app for nearly every imaginable activity. In truth, the amount of code that goes into running this digital globe is piling up more and more (2 billion lines of code powers Google). With cyber security threats, automation, internet phishing scams, etc. becoming day to

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