5 tips for capturing great NEM Event photos!

Taking photos of your NEM event is a great way to record the experience! Done right, these photos can also be a great tool for future campaign promotion. With that in mind, we've curated our top five tips for capturing great moments during NEM events. (1) Take pictures! First of all, just remembering to take pictures

70% of Iran’s Science and Engineering Students are…

Women. With international sanctions finally lifted this past January, Iran is now hopeful that it will be able to provide high economic growth conditions to best nurture the talent of its young people. With the swift expansion of businesses in the country, Iranian women are showing no sign of slowing down. They have made great strides in ways that

Celebrating Diversity in Engineering and Engineering Technology!

Slack Technologies scored itself a Crunchie for being the Fastest Rising Startup at TechCrunch’s 9th annual awards show last week. However, their win at the awards show went beyond just recognizing their exuberant growth since they were founded in 2013. They claim to have a more diverse workforce than any other start up and chose four of its engineers, all of them black and female, to accept the award on the company’s behalf in order to have Slack’s efforts to change the archetype of what people believe an engineer looks like recognized. “We’re engineers,” remarked Kiné Camara, at the acceptance speech through a thundering of applause. She also highlighted the importance of diversity in engineering and tech companies: 

The Canadian Society of Civil Engineers: Part 2

Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE) Representing the original engineering profession, history is a very important part of the CSCE's evolution.   Its National History Committee has an active program celebrating Canada’s rich Civil Engineering History and Heritage. Below we have gathered just a few examples of Canadian engineering works in Ontario from the end

NEM 2015 Photo and Video Recap Part 3

We are headed into the 4th week of National Engineering Month and #NEM2015 is a huge hit, capturing the minds of all the spring breakers interested in engineering and engineering technology. Even with only a week to go, there are still dozens of events to be held! If you have any photos to share, contact

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