Everyday fashion, 21st century engineering

When you hear about fashion and technology what are the first things that come to mind? Maybe an Apple Watch? A Fitbit fitness tracker? Can you think of something that isn't worn on the wrist? Here are 5 ways that new technology is changing fashion for the better! A different kind of fast fashion: Laser-cut fabric It

Pi Day π Day #piday

It's March 14, also known as 3/14, also known as Pi Day! Join the party! #piday Wait, what's Pi Day? Pi Day is a celebration of the mathematical constant Pi, also represented by the Greek letter π. The value of Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. That's any circle no matter how large or

Screening Engineering Excellence with IMAX

From film capture to film presentation, IMAX draws you closer to the action. The ground-breaking film format has revolutionized the motion-picture industry. - Did you know the technology was engineered right here in Ontario? Made in Canada! The movie format that lights up a giant screen with your favourite superheroes was developed by University of Toronto alumni

5 films about engineering achievement

In honour of the 90th Academy Awards being presented on Sunday, National Engineering Month presents to you a list of great engineering films! Hidden Figures (2016) - [trailer] We're going to start off our list with a very recent movie which was an instant classic! Hidden Figures is based on the true story of black female

Olympian efforts in engineering

As the Winter Olympics come to a close, National Engineering Month 2018 wants to keep the spirit alive with 5 cutting edge engineering innovations that push humans to the limit of what is humanly possible. Bobsleigh The winners of the bobsleigh event are determined by one-hundredths of a second, so every tiny advantage you can gain

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