Canadian Innovation InstantPot Has Swept Into Kitchens Around The World

Cooking and meal prep takes the average Canadian about 38 minutes on weekdays and 45 minutes on weekends. Cutting and steaming healthier options can be tedious and overly burdensome tasks for those of us with tighter schedules. Fortunately, serial entrepreneur and innovator Dr. Jiwei (Robert) Wang has revolutionized cooking for over 1 million people across the

Spotlight: Shahzad Baig, P.Eng.

To introduce the engineering and technology professions, we are profiling people who found have meaningful connections to their work, last week we profiled Vimbai Brenda Munyukwi, P.Eng. This week, we take a look at the work of Khurram Shahzad Baig, an engineer affiliated with the East Toronto Chapter from 2010 till now and elected Vice Chair in 2016-2017.

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