Celebrating World Water Day with Engineers Without Borders’ Water For The World Campaign

In 2012, the World Health Organization estimated that nearly 748 million people around the world lacked access to clean water. This number represented about 12 percent of the global population. With hard work, we have gone down to 9% as of 2016. Considering water makes up about 60% of the human body, this lack of

Moments From NEM 2017 Week 1 & 2

We've been having a great time at some of this year's NEM events. We hope you enjoy some of the story we've captured below. Remember to post with #NEM2017 if you'd like to be featured in posts like this.

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Nothing But NEM 2017

Last night the NEM 2017 kicked off the month with a celebration. Our partner organizations all came out out to get this month's events going at The Antler Room in downtown Toronto. Representatives from OSPE, OACETT, PEO and EWB were in attendance and shared their thoughts on why campaigns like NEM 2017 are so

NEM in the Nation’s Capital!

Ottawa has been celebrating National Engineering Month 2016 with events and campaigns that have really put engineering under a socially and civically conscious lens! Thank you to all of the fantastic organizers for another great Engineers Without Borders University of Ottawa Chapter Let's kick off our tour of our Nation's Capital with great coverage of Design

#NEM2016 Week 3, The Week That Was

Our campaign's online presence continued to blow up on Instagram and Twitter last week! Check out some of the highlights in this post,  follow along live at #NEM2016 on your favourite social media platform, and add to the conversation by adding the hashtag to your posts!  Happy NEM everyone! [View the story "#NEM2016 online: Week

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