Engineering Energy Highlight: Nuclear Power

For most people, the word nuclear usually triggers thoughts of weapons and/or disasters. In truth, many of the perceptions and beliefs people hold about atomic power are antiquated and in some cases just wrong. Canada has maintained a long standing relationship with nuclear power established over 70 years ago. It makes sense that Canada has such

Engineering Energy Highlight: Hydro-Electric Power

Prior to the discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 sytem, water on the surface of any planet other than our own was unknown. This phenomena is an extremely rare occurrence as we have yet to confirm which of the planets do have water on their surfaces. Water does so many things for our planet from sustaining life, to

Power Quality with Toronto Hydro

Diagnosing Power Quality Problems, One Customer at a Time Whether you’re in the middle of cooking dinner, halfway through a load of laundry, or just getting home from work, there is never a convenient time for a power outage. Some outages can be momentary, others can cause the lights to flicker, and occasionally outages can

McMaster Nuclear Reactor

Did you know that nuclear power is used to generate almost 60% of Ontario's electricity? Nuclear science and engineering have a long and storied history in Ontario, with CANDU Reactor technology being exported to other countries in order to generate electricity. The nuclear industry is so important to Ontario that McMaster University has a working nuclear

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Engineering is an iceberg: more going on than meets the eye by Pat Sweet, P.Eng.

How engineering shapes the world around us If you've ever been to a rock concert in an amphitheater or hall, you probably noticed a lot of things - it's a barrage on the senses. The lead singer's swagger, the killer guitar solo, the huge sound... it's a lot to take in. There's almost always more going

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