#NEM2018 Recap Part 3

Here's a photo and video recap of some of the events that have taken place so far during National Engineering Month. Thousands of students and members of the public have seen what engineering and engineering technology have to offer and thousands more can still participate. Stay tuned for more pictures and videos of the festivities

Happy 183rd Birthday Toronto

The town of York, established 1793, was not incorporated into a city until March 6th 1834. Back then few large structures existed in the city. With a population well over 2.7 million people now, Toronto is the 4th most populous city on the continent and is consistently voted as one of the most liveable cities (usually

#NEM2016 Photo and Video Recap Part 1

The first couple of days in National Engineering Month featured some great kick-off events! Remember to Tweet or post on Instagram using #NEM2016. If you have any photos to share, contact alanham@ewb.ca to have them featured on our site. Who's is excited for national engineering month? #NEM2016 #NationalEngineeringMonth A video posted by @nemessco on Feb

Purple Sky at Night, Engineer’s Delight

Roses are red, Engineers are purple... did you know that engineering has a colour? If you live in Toronto, look way up this Thursday night at dusk to see the CN Tower illuminated purple! “Purple Power” is an annual event, hosted by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE), where the CN Tower will be

The Canadian Society of Civil Engineers

Did you know that the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE) dates back 1887? After receiving royal asset (from Queen Victoria, the ruling monarch of England at the time!) they set the goal of developing and maintaining high standards of civil engineering practice in Canada, and enhancing the public image of the engineering profession. The distinct

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