5 inspiring National Engineering Month events

It's less than a week to National Engineering Month! We're kicking off the NEM 2018 blog with 5 inspiring events that show of the world changing spirit of engineering! 1. Water for the World - March 19th-23rd in Toronto Water for the World is an annual event series for students in grades 7-9 run by the

A Place For You in Space

In the late 1950's the then USSR and USA began a competition of the minds when they initiated their space race.  The two countries driven by competitive spirit and pride entered an era of unprecedented innovation in technology from computing to rocketry. Today a new space race has begun but not between governments. Startups and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk's SpaceX are opening

Carleton University’s Professor Abd El Halim is Shortening Construction Season

There's a funny joke you usually hear about the weather in Canada, "There's only two seasons, Winter and construction." As telling as the wisecrack can be, manoeuvring through traffic just to get to class or work everyday is more of a headache than a joke. The average Canadian spends at least 30 minutes a day

NEM in the Nation’s Capital!

Ottawa has been celebrating National Engineering Month 2016 with events and campaigns that have really put engineering under a socially and civically conscious lens! Thank you to all of the fantastic organizers for another great Engineers Without Borders University of Ottawa Chapter Let's kick off our tour of our Nation's Capital with great coverage of Design

#NEM2016 Photo and Video Recap Part 1

The first couple of days in National Engineering Month featured some great kick-off events! Remember to Tweet or post on Instagram using #NEM2016. If you have any photos to share, contact alanham@ewb.ca to have them featured on our site. Who's is excited for national engineering month? #NEM2016 #NationalEngineeringMonth A video posted by @nemessco on Feb

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