The Fight AGAINST Diversity

A quick google search of "anti-diversity" will take you to some pretty dark parts of the internet that we recommend avoiding unless you're looking to lose some faith in humanity. To say the least, the subject is very controversial and usually centres around tokenism and the falsely based argument that we must trade of competence for

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Engineering Energy Highlight: Nuclear Power

For most people, the word nuclear usually triggers thoughts of weapons and/or disasters. In truth, many of the perceptions and beliefs people hold about atomic power are antiquated and in some cases just wrong. Canada has maintained a long standing relationship with nuclear power established over 70 years ago. It makes sense that Canada has such

Digital Literacy in Canadian Youth

Our increasingly digitized world can seem simple with their being an app for nearly every imaginable activity. In truth, the amount of code that goes into running this digital globe is piling up more and more (2 billion lines of code powers Google). With cyber security threats, automation, internet phishing scams, etc. becoming day to

Engineering Energy Highlight: Solar Power

When debuting Tesla's Powerwall, Elon Musked joked about humanity having this handy fusion reactor in the sky called the sun. In truth, we consume only a fraction of the amount of energy that the sun showers us with every second. From the dawn of time, societies have worshiped the sun as they realized it was

A Message from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The organizers of National Engineering Month at Conestoga College received a letter for the Prime Minister! Congratulations to the engineering students of Conestoga for the shout out from the Highest Office in the country. It reads: It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the celebration for Conestoga National Engineering Month. Conestoga is

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