College Challenge Report: St. Lawrence College

The College Student Challenge is a student competition that takes place during National Engineering Month every March. Teams of up to 5 students work together with their local OACETT chapter and volunteers to host one or more public outreach events in their local community. We've asked all the College Challenge entrants to submit a report

Thousand of Islands, hundreds of bridges

The Thousand Islands Chapter of Professional Engineers Ontario ran bridge building contests during National Engineering Month. This far reaching series of bridge building events in brings engineering fun to more than a thousand elementary students. Hundreds of bridges are judged on their strength using the legendary Thousand Islands Chapter's bridge buster! Bridges are extremely important in the Thousand Islands

Open doors to National Engineering Month

National Engineering Month is like an open house for engineering and engineering technology. Members of the professions in Canada want you to learn as much as you can about what they do to be everyday heroes. That's why the NEM volunteers make sure that our events are open to the public and accessible to anyone interested.

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