College Challenge Report: Mohawk College

The College Student Challenge is a student competition that takes place during National Engineering Month every March. Teams of up to 5 students work together with their local OACETT chapter and volunteers to host one or more public outreach events in their local community. We've asked all the College Challenge entrants to submit a report

#NEM2018 Recap Part 4

Here's a photo and video recap of some of the events that have taken place so far during National Engineering Month. Thousands of students and members of the public have seen what engineering and engineering technology have to offer and thousands more can still participate. Stay tuned for more pictures and videos of the festivities

Pi Day at Northern College with OACETT Timmins!

Two weeks ago, the OACETT Timmins Chapter held their first Pi Day activity on the campus of Northern College in partnership with college faculty. Pi Day is a celebration of the mathematical constant Pi, also represented by the Greek letter π. The value of Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. That's any circle no matter how

Engineering #RoleModels

#RoleModels! National Engineering Month is brought to you by engineers and engineering technicians and technologists across Canada! Every March, real-world professionals take time out of their day to share their stories with youth and give you a small taste of what a future career in engineering would look like. With that it mind, it isn't

OACETT: Engineering Technicians and Engineering Technologists

What’s the difference between an Engineer and an Engineering Technologist? National Engineering Month is a lot of fun, but do you see yourself being involved in engineering as a career? You may have heard of Professional Engineers: in Canada to become an Engineer it requires a 4-year university degree, plus an additional few years of experience

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