Tools to Bridge Skill Gaps and Backlog Challenges in Civil Engineering

In the era of intelligent infrastructure, the civil engineering sector faces challenges like skill shortages, growing backlogs, and aging infrastructure.

According to the 2024 Q1 Engineering Business Sentiment by ACEC Research Institute, in the USA

  • 9% of positions remain unfilled
  • There is a 1-year backlog
  • 51% of the firms are turning down work due to skill shortage
  • More than 73% of firms are concerned with wage pressures
  • Only 20% of firms have an AI strategy

The situation in the USA is representative of the challenges that are not unique to North America.

These obstacles represent an opportunity for innovative solutions to offer a way forward.

After virtually attending the 2023 Bentley Going Digital Awards, I was inspired by the successful projects, including:

  • The I-70 Floyd Hill To Veterans Memorial Tunnels Project in Colorado, USA: It saved USD 1.2 million and 5,500 hours in coordination time
  •  The  Hengyang – Yongzhou Expressway in Hunan Province, China: It saved CNY 40 million in costs and was expected to be completed one year ahead of schedule
  • The N4 Montrose Interchange in Mpumalanga, South Africa: It saved 2,500 hours in design and an estimated ZAR 2.5 million in design costs.

I will share what I learned from studying successful projects from around the world. Drawing on a metaphor, as bridge support allows for smooth crossings over dynamic waters, engineering teams can navigate industry challenges with proper and innovative strategies.


Time 12:30 pm ET
Duration 60 minutes
Event Leader Modeste Muhire, P.Eng, P.E, PMP, Bentley Qualified Trainer
Theme Lifelong Learning