The Journey to Becoming a P.Eng in Ontario as an Internationally Trained Engineer

In May 2023, the Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) introduced a competency-based assessment model for internationally trained engineers, eliminating the requirement for Canadian work experience for P.Eng licensing. This significant change opens professional opportunities for Ontario employers and globally trained engineering professionals.

Before earning my P.Eng in Ontario, I spent five years as a licensed P.E. in New York, USA. Due to my work being US-based, I lacked Canadian experience, a barrier now removed by PEO’s updated licensing process.

I am eager to share my journey through this new licensing pathway to inspire engineers, whether trained in Canada or elsewhere, to leverage their skills and contribute to Canada’s advancement through professional licensing.



Time 12:00 pm ET
Duration 60 minutes
Event Leader Modeste Muhire, P.Eng, P.E, PMP, Bentley Qualified Trainer
Theme The P.Eng. Designation