We plan to host a 3-day event. Since this event will be planned/hosted by the Biotechnology Science Society (BioSS), our theme will circle biotechnology / biotechnology engineering. Day 1 will host a panel discussion involving 5 industry professionals from different biotechnology career paths. This aims to provide insights into the field to the audience of secondary and post secondary students looking for internships and jobs in near future. Networking opportunity afterwards. Day 2 will host interesting biotechnology engineering seminars by our college professors and senior students. This is followed by tours of our college labs. On day 2, our audience will be high school students; however, this is also open to secondary students from day 1. Day 3 will host a fun and hands-on science workshop involving speed games. Students will perform biotechnology-related lab tasks that they can then take home with them (ex: plating jello on a sterile plate and then being able to take the jello agar plate home). Day 3 will be targeted towards middle school students. After the workshop, our senior students will host an info session on each scientific procedure carried out and its significance in the field. We will answer questions such as ‘why do we use petri plates in the industry? What would your day to day life look like as a scientist?’ to spark scientific interest from a young age. Finally, all 3 days will have the opportunity for participants to sign up for a mentorship program with post-secondary student mentors.