The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is the advocacy body and voice of the engineering profession. In Ontario, there are approximately more than 85,000 professional engineers, 250,000 engineering graduates, and more than 43,000 undergraduate and post-graduate engineering students.

In the energy domain, OSPE constantly advocates for effective energy policies at both the provincial and federal levels of government to ensure a safe, reliable, affordable, sustainable and abundant energy supply for businesses and residents.

OSPE supports Canada’s Small Modular Reaction (SMR) Action Plan and applauds Ontario’s progress and investments in nuclear energy. With the recent announcement of Canada’s first grid-scale SMR at the Darlington site, OSPE believes Ontario is leading the way in new nuclear technologies that represent tremendous economic and environmental opportunities for our province.

OSPE supports the development of SMRs because nuclear energy is known to be an effective way to reduce atmospheric emissions including greenhouse gases. A review of major industrial jurisdictions confirms that dependable low emission electricity can be produced affordably with any combination of nuclear energy and hydroelectricity for our base-load electricity requirements.

As a contributor to Canada’s SMR Action Plan, OSPE has committed to a set of actions to seize the SMR opportunity for Canada and Ontario. These include engaging both non-nuclear engineers and the general public, to help them understand the role that nuclear energy and SMRs can play in meeting our energy and environmental goals.

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