This is a panel session that will provide insight into the world of consulting engineering – the activities of professional engineers who accept accountability by signing and applying their professional engineering seals to their work. Consulting engineering firms work at arm’s length from their clients and provide advice, design services, review of construction, contract administration, and other engineering services. Consulting engineers operate at the leading edge of engineering practice – they are the most visible of engineering practitioners and are responsible for the planning and design of much of the infrastructure in the province – from highways and bridges, to water supply and wastewater treatment, to schools and hospitals, consulting engineering work cuts across all engineering disciplines. The intent is to provide engineering students and engineering graduates with a glimpse into this world and the career opportunities that exist within consulting engineering firms. Panelists will include representatives from three consulting engineering firms – from small, local service providers to large multinational firms. There is significant demand for professional engineers within consulting engineering firms and it is hoped that the panel session will spark interest in consulting engineering as a career.