Impact Alliance, the Sustainability Developmental Goals (SDG) Student Hub under SDSN Youth, will be organizing the SDG Impact Challenge. Our event will provide attendees with the opportunity to develop specific solutions to address complex issues in a rapidly changing world through an SDG lens. The event will help students develop critical and interdisciplinary thinking to hack for feasible and innovative solutions, which can be implemented in the community. Participants will be challenged in more than one area of the lifelong learning behaviour categories, such as transfer of knowledge, proactivity, and curiosity. They will leverage existing engineering knowledge and learnings from event workshops and networking sessions to become problem-solving sustainability champions. Mentorship from professionals and partner organizations will be available through Q&A sessions and 1:1 opportunities. Attendees will be using their curiosity to deepen their existing knowledge of the SDGs and will be given the opportunity to choose from different problem statements. Throughout the 24-hour challenge, students will be exploring new ideas and information to pitch to the judges. This event will provide attendees the opportunity to learn outside their comfort zones by collaborating with others from different faculties and backgrounds to solve actual problems that impact their surrounding environment in relation to the SDGs. The skills and knowledge from this event will help them navigate their careers as it shows potential employers their exponential value based on current skills.