We are planning to run a month-long engineering competition for engineering students to compete in. This is similar to OEC and CEC but over a longer period of time with fewer restrictions. The competitors will be given access to the problem statement at the beginning of the month and they will be given 4 weeks to come up with a solution. In these 4 weeks, they must build a physical prototype of their solution and create a well-rounded presentation explaining it. Competitors will be provided with a real physical budget to purchase materials to build their design which they will be reimbursed for provided they keep the receipts. At the end of the month, the presentations will all be held on the same day and judges will decide the winner. That evening we will hold a showcase event where competitors can show off their designs to the public and connect with industry professionals. The focus of this event is to give students an opportunity to gain experience similar to what it would be like working in the industry and give them valuable experience to add to their resumes. We are hoping to partner with local engineering firms to provide competitors with more resources and better feedback after the competition.