Top 5 engineering wonders you can visit during March break

March break is not even half over! If you need some local ideas of where to go as a family this week, here are our favourite engineering wonders that are in Ontario and totally worth the visit. 1. CN Tower - Civil construction engineering The CN Tower is an iconic piece of the Toronto skyline and the world's tallest

NEM Photo and Video Recap Part 4

The sheer volume of pictures being sent in and tweeted proves that National Engineering Month is a movement. Here's hoping we get even more participation next year! Once again, if you have any photos to share, contact to have them featured on our site. PEO Sudbury - 18th Annual Bridge Building Competition Full photo coverage of

NEM Swag

One sight to be seen during many of the National Engineering Month festivities are all the great giveaways handed out to event participants. It has been quite a treat to see the t-shirts, Rubik's cubes, posters and other items out in the wild, spreading the NEM cheer! Thanks to all of our sponsors and volunteers

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