Additional resources for our event leaders

We have provided some additional resources to assist National Engineering Month Ontario event organizers and their audiences with the pursuit of lifelong learning. The goal is to help all NEM attendees navigate the increasingly rapid changes within the engineering and technology sectors and beyond.

We do this by:

  1. Empowering our community to address ethical issues in the professions
  2. Helping our community navigate their careers and reinvent themselves
  3. Promoting the practice of equitable, diverse and inclusive cultures

The following resources will help organizers get excited about lifelong learning and lead great NEM events.

Organizer Toolkits

We took the guesswork out of leading a NEM event and created comprehensive toolkits that support you throughout the process. Check em’ out!

EDI resource page

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are integral to advancing innovation and transforming society. It’s no secret that the engineering profession struggles when it comes to EDI.


Engineers and technologists are highly respected because their decisions have huge impacts, sometimes to an extent that the fate of a place, or many people is changed at a time.

Lifelong Learning

The world and our approaches to work are ever-changing. Engineers need to adapt and engage with new technologies, pedagogies, and understandings. Dedication to lifelong learning is essential to prosperity.