A National Engineering Month welcome message from the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists:

National Engineering Month (NEM) every March captivates the heart and minds of children, teens and adults across Ontario with a full spectrum of events that spark curiosity and excitement about the growing field of engineering and engineering technology.  This March will be no exception with more than 300 NEM-funded events hosted throughout the month to celebrate engineering excellence and inspire the next generation of engineers and engineering technicians and technologists.

We are proud to be apart of this amazingly lively campaign that aims to change public perception of engineering and engineering technology and celebrate the outstanding achievements of those working in the profession.  In so many ways the campaign creates authentic moments of celebration and reflection, discussion and exchange, inspiration and togetherness that get our professionals impassioned about what they do and has young people talking about pursuing careers in our field more than ever before.

We know this momentum wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of our volunteers, the generous support of our sponsors and the dedication of the NEM Ontario Steering Committee. It is through their enthusiasm and desire to build a strong and vibrant campaign that National Engineering Month continues to reach new heights and motivate young achievers to explore careers in our field.

Collectively, our partners PEO, OSPE and EWB have come together to build a stronger, better campaign using intelligent outreach to spread the message about engineering and engineering technology. A message we know is setting the course for a future of engineering marvels. Over the past four years we have substantially increased the quality and number of events being held in Ontario and found new ways for young people and their parents to learn about the fascinating things we do to make a world of difference.

OACETT will host a record-number of events this March. Our chapters and college students from across Ontario have committed to putting on over 40 events that showcase the talent of engineering and engineering technology professionals and the real-world problems they solve.

We look forward to continuing conversations with young people that challenge stereotypes about the profession and show them there is a place for diverse thinkers in engineering and engineering technology.