NEM Resources 

NEM 2018 Documents & Resources:

Please view the NEM Funding Guideline and NEM Messaging Guidelines for the 2018 campaign

NEM Event Release Form: NEM Ontario Event Photo/Video Release Form

Button Maker templates – (NEM Template) (Engineer Template)

Event Survey: NEM Participant Survey

College Student Challenge: Event Feedback Form

Volunteer Recognition Certificate: Certificate (note – we recommend colour printing & 32 lb cardstock)

NEM 2018 Media Release:  NEM2018-PressRelease – final

NEM 2018 Webinars:

NEM Kickoff (March 1st) – (slides)(Webinar Replay)

Measuring Event Effectiveness (Feb 27th, 2018) – (Slides)(Webinar replay)

Recruiting Volunteers (Feb 20th, 2018) – (Slides) (Webinar replay)

Amplifying Your Event (Feb 13th, 2018) – (Slides) (Webinar replay)

Inclusion Lens (Feb 6th, 2018) – (Slides) (Webinar replay)

Intro to NEM (October 4th, 2017) – (webinar) (slides)

Intro to the College Challenge:  (Webinar)

Intro to the Eng Student Challenge (ESOC):  (Webinar)

Additional Resources

Changing the Conversation Toolkit

This is a resource tool developed by the National Academy of Engineering to help engineering outreach groups deliver messages that improve public perception of engineering.

High school girls

The report “Compelling Engineering Messages” was commissioned by Engineer Your Life in the USA to determine the most favorable engineering messaging for high school girls.

General public segmented

The report “Because Dreams Need Doing: New Messages for Enhancing Public Understanding of Engineering” analyzed market research conducted for several demographics testing the understanding of engineering and which messages were most favorable and believable.

Wherever you are, we are here

This website is a resource center developed for teaching students from Grades K-12 about engineering. Each resource (activity, lesson, etc.) includes the message that it intends to deliver to its audience.

Grades K-12: Teaching Engineering

The campaign was developed by Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. This video was developed to suit several demographics.


Archive of Essential Documents:


Press Release:  NEM2017-PressRelease.docx

Volunteer Recognition Certificate (NEM 2017):  Certificate (note – we recommend colour printing & 32 lb cardstock)


2016 Funding Guidelines >>
2016 Messaging Guidelines >>

The 2016 Event Checklists: Event checklist
The 2016 Event Scorecard:  Was emailed to event organizers individually at the end of January 2016.
NEM 2016 Press Release: Press Release

NEM 2017 webinars:

NEM Wrap up Webinar (April 13th, 2017): (Webinar)  (slides)

NEM Kick Off Webinar (March 1st, 2017) – (Webinar) (Slides)

Webinar (February 2nd, 2017) – Running Successful NEM Events (Webinar) (Slides)

Webinar (February 9th, 2017) – Measuring Event Effectiveness (Webinar) (Slides)

Webinar (February 15th, 2017) – The Power of Storytelling (Webinar) (Slides)

Webinar (February 22nd, 2017) – College Student Challenge Event Judging (Webinar)(Slides)

Webinar (February 23rd, 2017) – Amplifying your outreach event (Webinar)(Slides)

College Challenge Kick off Webinar

Past Webinars

NEM Wrap Up Webinar – (originally held Apr 6 2016)
NEM Kick Off Webinar – (originally held Mar 1 2016)
Outreach Resources for Diversity – (originally held Feb 24 2016)
Recruiting Volunteers for your Event – (originally held Feb 17 2016)
How to Amplify your Outreach Event – (originally held Feb 10 2016)
Measuring Event Effectiveness– (originally held Feb 3 2016)
Intro to NEM (slides) – (originally held Oct 27 2015)
Intro to NEM College Challenge (slides) – (originally held Oct 27 2015)
Logistics and Q& A – from 0:00 – 17:20 (originally held Feb 20 2014)
Measuring Event Effectiveness (Scorecards and surveys) – (originally held Feb 17 2015)
Amplify Your Outreach Event (including social media)  – (originally held March 2 2015)
NEM Wrap-up and Celebration!  – (originally held April 29 2015)