Thank You to our Ally Sponsors

With National Engineering Month coming to a close, we would like to spend a moment to thank our Ally Sponsors for their support during NEM 2018. Bruce Power and Hydro One - Thank you for powering up our campaign this year! Ethical Profiling - Thanks for all the great work producing the NEM t-shirts. They

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Screening Engineering Excellence with IMAX

From film capture to film presentation, IMAX draws you closer to the action. The ground-breaking film format has revolutionized the motion-picture industry. - Did you know the technology was engineered right here in Ontario? Made in Canada! The movie format that lights up a giant screen with your favourite superheroes was developed by University of Toronto alumni

Get a grip with The Personal

March is an interesting month, one that needs resilience and optimism. Resilience, for withstanding those last blasts of winter's wrath, and optimism, for no matter how long winter may seem, spring will eventually come. "In like a lion, out like a lamb!", as they say. Thankfully, March is also National Engineering Month, so while some days

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Engineering Entertainment

The world's best video game development companies have called Canada home for quite some time now. Up until recently, Vancouver was a heavy contender in the fight for the title of "Silicon Valley of the North" and could do so with it's burgeoning video game industry. The lower mainland area has lost some ground in

Engineering Energy Highlight: Nuclear Power

For most people, the word nuclear usually triggers thoughts of weapons and/or disasters. In truth, many of the perceptions and beliefs people hold about atomic power are antiquated and in some cases just wrong. Canada has maintained a long standing relationship with nuclear power established over 70 years ago. It makes sense that Canada has such

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