What is National Engineering Month?

In March 1992, Engineers Canada created National Engineering Month (NEM) as a “celebration of engineering excellence” in Canada. Although many of National Engineering Month’s high-profile activities appeal to youth, fundamentally the campaign strives to strengthen bonds within the profession and those of the profession with society.

National Engineering Month (NEM) events are organized and led by volunteers all across Canada, guided by a shared message “there’s a place for you” in engineering and technology. This year, in Ontario, we’re excited to deepen the impact of NEM events by focusing on lifelong learning for post-secondary students and professionals defined by the European Commission as:

“all purposeful learning activity that is undertaken throughout life with the aim of improving knowledge, skills, and competencies within a personal, civic, social and/or employment-related perspective”

We will support event leaders to run online zoom events designed for learning outcomes. Whether you lead a panel discussion, workshop with skill-building components or a networking event, all funded Ontario NEM2021 events will be geared for post-secondary students, professionals in our community, and interdisciplinary professionals. All event leaders may apply for up to $500 in funding to cover expenses such as honoraria for experts, marketing, and development costs.