A conversation on the intersection of art, ethics & engineering

In an era where Engineers are tasked with making decisions that affect the future of humanity, how are we giving them the tools to make ethical choices? What codes are they or should they be bound by? How might art and ethics intersect with this need?

Thinking that used to belong to the realm of philosophy and art is now the day-to-day reality of engineers and engineering technologists. Watch our live-stream video of the event, where we discussed the role of the arts in informing society about the new realities and engineers who work on projects where their clients are ‘everybody’.

Before diving into our discussion, we watched a sneak preview of filmmaker Pietro Gagliano’s vision for a film in which the audience offers a MacGuffen, an object that changes the storyline, to characters with Artificial Intelligence; thereby forcing them into an interaction.

Using this intersection of art, philosophy, story and engineering, might we teach Engineers & Technologists about the implications of their decisions?

Ruth Silver from Groundswell, the org who runs National Engineering Month Ontario will moderate a discussion with: