Check out the last week of #NEM2019!

March 25th

Engineering Our Future Conference – Mohawk College (9am-12pm)
Conference to demonstrate the many opportunities available for students. A panel of various industry speakers will be invited to discuss their jobs and career paths. In order to ensure our message lasts, we will be providing a workshop for guidance counselors to learn about the opportunities provided by engineering and technology programs.

Obey Newton, It’s the Law! – Scientists in School (6:30pm – 7:30pm)
Sir Isaac Newton was one smart dude. Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion as you learn how things like to stay put; how size does matter; and how your actions always produce a reaction. You will race water droplets, build a car and design and test a roller coaster. Physics is fun! This workshop is geared to children ages 7-12 years old. Please contact the Boys and Girls Club directly to reserve your spot.

Water For The World – March 25th – 29th
Water for the World (W4TW) works in conjunction with National Engineering Month (NEM), the Toronto Public Library (TPL) and Engineers of Tomorrow (EoT) to deliver workshops, led by engineering and social innovation volunteers, to students in grades 7-8. The interactive workshops, which involve a water filter building activity, are intended to educate, generate insightful discussion, and raise awareness about how students, science and engineering play a role in promoting access to resources like drinking water. In the next 25 years, 1/3 of the world’s population will face severe water scarcity With 20% of the world’s total freshwater resources and the longest marine coastline of any country in the world, Canada plays a pivotal role in managing global water resources. The next generation of Canadians must be well-equipped to tackle the world’s water challenges. W4TW aims to ignite a sense of pragmatism to develop future system change leaders through this program.

Youth Sustainability Challenge – Sheridan Chemistry Club, March 15th – March 29th
The youth sustainability challenge starts on march 15 and runs til the 29th the plan is to meet with high school students and host lab demos and basic battery building challenge to showcase to students how they can use technology to solve problems if given a small task. As well as Creative chem which showcases science and technology to younger kids at the Four Corners Brampton Library over march break.

March 26th

STEM Robotics Workshop – ASME Ontario Section (1pm-3pm)
ASME is proud to offer a program for little engineers, scientist age 8 to 12. The goal for this FREE workshop is to get children interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). In just two hours, students will learn about robots how they work and then create programs that allow making a robot to dance, draw, and much more!

Raptors Pre-Game and Game – OSPE (4:30-10pm)
Enjoy dinner and comradery with engineering and engineering technology professionals at the pre-game tip-off party at Real Sports Bar & Grill, followed by an evening with the Raptors vs. Chicago Bulls and exciting engineering-themed surprises on the court.
Pre-Game Party at Real Sports Bar & Grill (4:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.) – Maple Leaf Square.
Game at the Scotiabank Arena (7:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.) (Formerly known as Air Canada Center)

32nd Techno-Challenge – Mohawk College (7pm – 10pm)
32nd Annual Techno-Challenge. This two day event features our Popsicle Stick Bridge competition, Mad 4 CAD drafting challenge, Popsicle stick boat race, and other technology and technical challenges. The focus of the event is to encourage and showcase the technical skills of local high school students, and our students in Civil and Architectural engineering.

IMAX Women In Technology & Leadership – IMAX (6:30pm – 8:30pm)
In partnership with OSPE, join IMAX for an evening of inspiration – celebrating the achievements of outstanding women in technology while promoting gender balance in the workplace. Followed by a screening of an IMAX documentary.

CN Tower Engineering Colours – OSPE (sunset-night)
Thanks to OSPE, the CN Tower will be lit up with Engineering themed colours! Check it out and tweet at us! #NEM2019

March 27th

Niagara Women in STEM – Innovate Niagara (2pm – 4:30pm)
“Other women are not my competition. I stand with them, not against them.”Women in STEM is designed to bring all genders together for an afternoon of networking and presentations that aspires to arm women with practical skills and techniques to advance their careers and become allies in business. Expand your network of business and tech professionals!

The Maker Bean Cafe Design Challenge – The Maker Bean Cafe (12:30pm – 3pm)
Come learn about STEAM topics in the comfort of a cafe! We’re excited to leverage the powerful tools of engineering to solve real-world problems. We’ll pose a challenge to participants that can be solved using technology and ingenuity; participants will then learn how to use creative technology like 3D printing or laser cutting, and apply that learning to solving our challenge – and get ready to pitch your idea, investors may be in the audience! (for high school students).

32nd Techno-Challenge – Mohawk College (12pm – 3pm)
32nd Annual Techno-Challenge. This two day event features our Popsicle Stick Bridge competition, Mad 4 CAD drafting challenge, Popsicle stick boat race, and other technology and technical challenges. The focus of the event is to encourage and showcase the technical skills of local high school students, and our students in Civil and Architectural engineering.

Open House & Symposium – OACETT
Our goal is to provide examples of Applied Science and Engineering Technologies at the select tables to discuss projects, careers, education and any other question as they arise. This is an opportunity to display , a sample of work on a project board, a device or equipment that will represent the type of work and the industry related to your discipline. We hope to display all 15 OACETT recognized disciplines for a most successful event. The event is on the same night as the parent teacher interviews/meetings across the hall in the cafeteria . We are reaching out to all local schools for students to take advantage of the opportunity to attend. We intent to provide an opportunity for the NEM2019 Loyalist College Challenge students or other choice presenters from the industries.

March 28th

A conversation on the intersection of art, ethics & engineering – Groundswell Projects, (6pm – 8pm)
In an era where Engineers are tasked with making decisions that affect the future of humanity, how are we giving them the tools to make ethical choices? What codes are they or should they be bound by? How might art and ethics intersect with this need?

Movie Night: Featuring “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” – Mohawk College (6pm – 8pm)
Join Mohawk College for a movie night featuring “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” at Mohawk College in EA015 which is located in the new Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation wing (JCPI Wing).

STEAM EXPO – Science Timmins, March 28th – March 30th
The event is designed to encourage the interaction and collaboration between students and community professionals. The purpose is to apply knowledge and understanding of science, technology, engineering, art, and math to conduct in-depth, real-world investigations. The process includes mentorships, demonstrations of classroom science explorations, and extensions of the inquiry process posed in youth note-booking journals. The exhibition itself will offer a venue for students to demonstrate the results of their STEAM studies, professionals to show how STEAM is used to better our communities, and spectators to participate in the event. The STEAM EXPO event will connect our youth to the community, our youth to professionals, and generate interest and excitement for science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Winners in various categories and grade divisions may represent Timmins at the Canada- Wide Science Fair in Fredericton, NB in May 2019.

Bio Buddy – March 28th – March 29th
Bio-Buddy challenges undergraduate and graduate students from across Canada to design and build an infant CPR training manikin while meeting set criteria. The competition offers students valuable experiences such as working in teams and designing, building and debugging solutions for an open-ended problem. These skills will be essential to their future careers as engineers and there are currently very few opportunities for engineering students to apply design ideas to the biomedical domain. The competition will additionally serve as a platform to highlight and acknowledge student accomplishments and create a product that will impact the well-being of Canadians. Bio-Buddy Biomedical Engineering Design Competition will be hosted at the end of March 2019 at the University of Ottawa.

March 29th

ONT District Windsor Essex Great Lakes Event – FIRST Robotics Canada
Students will be tasked to design, build and program a functioning robot for competition in only 6 weeks. Team will be attending this event from all over Ontario, North America, and the world!

2019 Bridge Breaking Competition – PEO North Bay
The bridge building competition is part of an ongoing PEO outreach program which seeks to foster innovation in schools. The competition introduces and discusses real-life technical issues faced by modern engineers, complementing the curricula being taught in schools. Students grades 5 to 12, construct bridges from balsa wood. that will be tested to destruction to determine the load carrying ability of the structures and will be judged on the basis of craftsmanship, conformity to guidelines and engineering content. There are normally over 100 entries submitted from schools across the region. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with local engineers and ask questions about engineering careers.

March 30th

Power of Light in the Grid – Hyperion (10am)
Do you want to learn about Transformers and what a Smart Grid means? Let Hyperion Sensors take you through a hidden journey deep inside a Power Transformer and learn about what truly keeps the lights on. With Professional Engineering Experts on hand and the newest innovation in Sensors (#TFITS) to solve tomorrow’s energy utility needs – they want to inspire the next generation of Professional Engineering Leaders to get involved in the Power Industry.

The Catapult Challenge – PEO (2pm – 4pm)
Fifty grade-school students and their parents are invited to participate in The Catapult Challenge, an interactive workshop where you can design and built different catapults. Each catapult will undergo several tests to determine accuracy and power! Volunteers will also be showcasing what engineering is, what it means to be an engineer and the value of continuing STEM in school.

Impromptu Design Competition – Chatham-Kent Chapter of OACETT
As part of NEM, the Chatham-Kent Chapter of Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), and the Chatham-Kent Chapter of the Ontario Association of Certified Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) is sponsoring two Impromptu Design Competitions. Teams of up to 4 students will compete to design the best prototype to complete a given task. No preparation is required. All students will show up at the venue at which time they will be given the materials and the project description.

All Girls STEMTech 2019 – Brain Tech Robotics
The goal of the symposium is to help motivate, empower and inform young girls to become excited about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We place an emphasis on immersive, interactive environments, long-term mentorship and real-world applications while building up soft skills that enable youth to effectively exchange ideas, opinions and collaborate to achieve common goals.We believe the benefits of early continuous engagement in an effective STEM ecosystem will ensure a prosperous future for children.

NEM Gala – Queens University Engineers Without Borders
NEM Speaker Series at Queen’s University is an event to celebrate the end of National Engineering Month and will be conducted at Queen’s University! The event will be attended by members of the Queen’s chapter and the Queen’s student population. It will be held as a speaker series and will including speakers who will talk on their experience and ideas revolving EWB and NEM.

March 31st

Toxic Popcorn & Speed Mentoring – PEO Willowdale /Thornhill Chapter (10am – 2:30pm)
The PEO Willowdale/Thornhill Chapter will be hosting a “Toxic Popcorn” design challenge for grades 5-8, and “Speed Mentoring” for grades 9-11 at the Edithvale Community Centre!