NEM funds hEr VOLUTION to help honour International Women’s Day by bringing engineering initiatives to young women in GTA

TORONTO, ON Canada – March 1, 2019 – hEr VOLUTION, an award-winning non-profit organization focusing inspiring young girls and young women to embrace STEM-based careers, is proud to receive the support from NEM in order to help bring engineering initiatives to young women in GTA.

According to Statistics Canada’s most recent study, out of all students who are enrolling in engineering and technology studies right now approximately 20.51% are women while the number of men enrolling for the same studies is 79.49%. We have come to realize that this is an issue that needs to be addressed and, thanks to the support of initiatives such as National Engineering Month, we are able to support with this in hopes that numbers will start changing in the near future.

“Our organization was created to make an impact and to advocate for diversity, equity and inclusivity for women in STEM. As such, we are so grateful for the support of an organization such as NEM to jump in and support us with our efforts. Because of their support we are now able to introduce young women to diverse engineers to help them better understanding their journey in hopes that the young women will consider engineering as an option for their future career.

We are very glad to be able to do this at Metamorphosis Girls STEMConference during International Women’s Day to help celebrate women in engineering who are contributing to our society in a meaningful way”says Doina Oncel, the Founder of hEr VOLUTION.

An organization like hEr VOLUTION exists to make sure that girls and young women from all walks of life are given opportunities as a way to their future career. Since 2013, the organization’s efforts have impacted over 3000 kids across GTA. The results of these outreach efforts have been extremely positive and so far, 68.9 % of participants have mentioned that these programs have helped them decide their education and career path.

“The values of hEr VOLUTION strongly intersect with those of NEM. By creating the space to build student curiosity and challenge deeply rooted assumptions, we are changing the world! When decision makers, creators and innovators are diverse, we are better prepared to tackle wicked problems.

Traditionally, STEM fields have lacked fostering a sense of belonging for women and girls. The reality that research reflects is troubling. We are deeply thankful and proud to support bold initiatives like hEr VOLUTION that help bridge the gap, inspire youth and revolutionize the STEM field.” says Margaryta Ignatenko from NEM

The NEM campaign strives to support diverse youth in making better decisions about a possible future in engineering & engineering technology professions. We do this by:

  • building their curiosity about engineering and engineering technology;
  • helping them to widen their perception and gain a better understanding of these fields; and
  • creating a sense of belonging within these professions.

hEr VOLUTION is looking forward to making further impact in the tech sector, particularly to promote STEM-related activities and career options young women and girls from the underserved communities from Ontario.


hEr VOLUTION is a not for profit organization providing innovative education and employment services to girls and young women in STEM. Our mission is to advance education by providing workshops and instructional seminars on topics relating to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for low income and marginalized youth with a focus on girls and young women.

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