Sponsor Spotlight – IMAX

We’re delighted to have IMAX as one of our sponsors this year. IMAX has been a leading innovator in the movie industry, providing immersive audience experiences through heart-pounding audio and awe-inspiring images. All made possible through continually innovative technologies in filming, projecting and viewing. Every element in The IMAX Experience ®, is intentionally designed to ensure the most intense viewer experience, including:

  • Dome Technology – allows images to wrap entirely around your peripheral vision
  • 3-D Technology – using polarized glasses and LCD shutter technology, IMAX provides visually immersive audience experiences
  • 48 Frames Per Second – double the standard framerate!
  • Advanced Sound Systems – using a 6-channel sound system, and at times individual headsets that offer two additional sound channels, IMAX provides revolutionary auditory experiences
  • Digital Remastering – IMAX prides themselves on providing crystal clear, high resolution images and are able to do so through IMAX DMR which converts a 33mm frame into digital form at high resolution

To kick off #NEM2019 IMAX generously opened their headquarters for two screenings of Hubble 3-D to over 200 folks including high school students, engineers, technologists and their families!

One of the reasons IMAX sponsors this event and National Engineering month is that they noticed a gap in the perception folks had of engineering in the entertainment industry. There was a lack of awareness of the role Engineering Technologists played to bring audiences the most immersive experience possible. The screening of Hubble 3-D is a way for IMAX to not only talk-the-talk, but to also walk-the-walk. 

Before the morning screening, Miriam Micael, Project Management Engineer from the CANADIAN SPACE AGENCY!!! spoke to high school students from Thistletown CI, CW Jeffery’s CI and East York CI about pursuing careers in engineering and technology.

Miriam Micael from the Canadian Space Agency shared her story and wisdom with high school students.

Among many accomplishments, Micael is most proud of introducing a mentorship program for high school students interested in various disciplines of engineering. The program gives students the opportunity to shadow a current university student in their discipline of choice. Micael is also passionate about showing women that they have a place in STEM!  

After Micael’s talk, students who never considered engineering and technology as a viable path, started to see things differently. One student was inspired to work harder and pursue science, “so I can be like her” – referring to Micael. “I think she was very informative,” said a student from East York CI. “I feel like this could be something that I possibly could do one day, or could get interested in,” she added.

We are grateful for the IMAX / CSA / TDSB / NEM collaboration that made the night possible. We’re able to accomplish more together! This was an exceptional example of the power events have to encourage young people to challenge their assumptions of what engineering and engineering technology looks like and whether they have a place in it. Events also create the opportunity for first-time experiences, like seeing a movie in 3D. “It was really cool, it was a new experience, I got to touch the stars” said a student in awe.

For the evening screening, engineers, technologists and their families joined us for a Freestyle Social facilitated by Science Everywhere.

Anthony Morgan from Science Everywhere engaged with engineers, technologists and their families before the Freestyle Social began.

Anthony Morgan, Founder Creative and Producer, led the interactive activity designed to promote flexible thinking and ultimately better decision making. He asked the audience provocative questions like “is it okay to pee in the shower?” and “should we build robots smarter than humans?” The audience was encouraged to change their mind often after hearing compelling arguments for the opposing side, illustrating the power of non-linear thinking and deeply listening to other people’s ideas. Communication, collaboration and critical thinking are all essential skills for engineering and were put to the test during this fun activity! (Thanks Anthony.)

Guests persuaded one another to adopt different stances on polarizing issues. 

We’re thrilled to share such an incredible kickoff to the amazing events that will be hosted throughout March for NEM! We’re looking forward to sharing more stories of impact.

(P.S When it was all said and done, the 3-D glasses resembled a galaxy!)