College Challenge Report: Seneca College

The College Student Challenge is a student competition that takes place during National Engineering Month every March. Teams of up to 5 students work together with their local OACETT chapter and volunteers to host one or more public outreach events in their local community. We’ve asked all the College Challenge entrants to submit a report to us. Here’s how students at Seneca College celebrated National Engineering Month! For more College Challenge 2018 reports, click here!

NEM 2018 at Seneca College: Fire Protection Student Association (FPSA) Industry Dinner and Career Fair

By: FPSA College Challenge Team

The Engineering world is something that can seem overwhelming. Trying to navigate post-secondary school while discovering a career path that interests you can be daunting. The students of the Fire Protection Engineering Technology and Technician program at Seneca College have recognized this, and with the help of fellow student volunteers in FPSA, hold a Career Fair and Networking Dinner every year. This event helps students get a head start on their future journey!

This year marked the 7th annual event and it was a resounding success. The students were given the opportunity to get face time with over 20 different companies that showed up to the Career Fair. They were able to mingle with even more members of the industry along with Alumni at the Networking Dinner. There was also a keynote from Leslie Sims, P.Eng., who came as a representative of ARENCON Inc. She spoke about an Hypoxic Fire Protection System that has evolved the industry.

It was a successful event that was attended by over 160 students, alumni and members of the Fire Protection Industry. The hope is that the students were able to take something away from the event that will help them grow and become a productive member of the Engineering society.