Engineering #RoleModels

#RoleModels! National Engineering Month is brought to you by engineers and engineering technicians and technologists across Canada! Every March, real-world professionals take time out of their day to share their stories with youth and give you a small taste of what a future career in engineering would look like. With that it mind, it isn’t a stretch to say that every engineering professional is a role model. Here are some of our favourite #rolemodels who just love sharing their passion for engineering with everyone! <3

What makes a role model?

All engineering professionals are #rolemodels in their own way!

They could be famous

… be leaders in the community

… doing radio interviews as an expert

… be business leaders and advocates

… or be (literally) behind the scenes

Support is everywhere!

Everyone in the engineering and technology fields want to help inspire the next generation!

You can find them at your local science centre

… schools

… job fairs

… and post-secondary club events

These #rolemodels want to make a difference!

They’re everywhere!

The journey takes those in engineering to many different places!

Diversity is our strength

More advice from real-life engineers, and engineering technicians and technologists