Screening Engineering Excellence with IMAX

From film capture to film presentation, IMAX draws you closer to the action. The ground-breaking film format has revolutionized the motion-picture industry. –

Did you know the technology was engineered right here in Ontario?

Made in Canada!

The movie format that lights up a giant screen with your favourite superheroes was developed by University of Toronto alumni Graeme Ferguson – himself a filmmaker – and engineer William Shaw, along with filmmaker Roman Kroitor and businessman Robert Kerr.

The first permanent IMAX theatre  is the IMAX Cinesphere at Ontario Place in Toronto, which opened in 1971. The first movie screened at this iconic IMAX theatre? Co-creator Graeme Ferguson’s North of Superior – now the most widely seen Canadian IMAX film.

Today, there are now over 1,300 IMAX theatre systems installed in commercial multiplexes and educational institutions (think science centres and museums) in 75 countries around the world.

There isn’t one thing that makes IMAX the most immersive movie experience in the world; it’s a combination of many proprietary technologies and architecture – almost all of them inventions that are unique to IMAX. This is called the IMAX Experience® and is the culmination of the following elements:

  • IMAX manufactures the highest-resolution cameras in the world and provides them to the most ambitious and accomplished filmmakers
  • IMAX’s Digital Re-Mastering process, which enhances the image and sound of the movie
  • IMAX’s revolutionary projection system, which delivers lifelike, crystal-clear images
  • IMAX’s powerful sound system, which delivers laser-aligned sound you can feel
  • IMAX’s customized theatre design, which puts moviegoers in the action

When integrated together, the result delivers an experience so real you’ll forget you’re in a theatre.

A partner in celebrating engineering

We’re thrilled to have the IMAX Corporation return as National Engineering Month’s Lead Presenter in 2018. They go to great lengths to promote the value engineering and technology professionals bring to society so that we can appreciate their work and be inspired to carry on their great legacies. This March, they will be hosting special screenings of Dream Big: Engineering Our World – a celebration of human ingenuity through an microscopic and telescopic engineering lens. We can’t thank IMAX enough for promoting this great message and for supporting NEM in 2018!

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  1. This was one the most impressive thing I have ever seen.
    My kudos to the IMAX engineers whom are doing a great job innovating and creating experiences that lasts a life time.
    Thanks a lot for all the work that you are doing.

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