Open doors to National Engineering Month

National Engineering Month is like an open house for engineering and engineering technology. Members of the professions in Canada want you to learn as much as you can about what they do to be everyday heroes. That's why the NEM volunteers make sure that our events are open to the public and accessible to anyone interested.

Olympian efforts in engineering

As the Winter Olympics come to a close, National Engineering Month 2018 wants to keep the spirit alive with 5 cutting edge engineering innovations that push humans to the limit of what is humanly possible. Bobsleigh The winners of the bobsleigh event are determined by one-hundredths of a second, so every tiny advantage you can gain

5 inspiring National Engineering Month events

It's less than a week to National Engineering Month! We're kicking off the NEM 2018 blog with 5 inspiring events that show of the world changing spirit of engineering! 1. Water for the World - March 19th-23rd in Toronto Water for the World is an annual event series for students in grades 7-9 run by the

Extend Your Reach

With National Engineering Month a mere two weeks away(!), preparations are in full swing for a raft of exciting activities that celebrate engineering and engineering technology. With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at how to extend your reach and broaden your sphere of influence. Taking the time to amplifying your outreach

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Webinar Recap – Delivering Inclusive Outreach Events

In the month leading up to National Engineering Month (which officially kicks off on March 1st!) we provide informative webinars to support our dedicated Event Organizers in delivering quality NEM outreach events. For those organizing an event for the first time, you'll find all kinds of tips & tricks to set you up for success. And for those returning

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