What’s twice the size of a baseball diamond, faster than a hurricane, colder than a blizzard and hotter than a desert? As you may have guessed from the title of the article, the answer to the riddle is the University of Ontario Institute of Technology‘s (UOIT) Centre for Autmotive Excellence (CAE).

The multilevel testing facility is the first of its kind in Canada. It can simulate extreme driving conditions and the dynamometer underneath the testing facility can simulate roadways from coarse gravel to smooth pavement.

The centre is great for much more than just testing automotive equipment. The extreme conditions can be used to test anything from aerospace products, wind turbines, solar panels, elite athletes, unmanned aerial vehicles, motor-sports and can be used to film movies and television programs.

The centre is a “Jack of All Trades” for tech testing and a cutting edge facility. It’s affectionately known to many of the researchers as the “most extreme classroom” where even emergency responders do extreme conditioning.

Facilities like the CAE are paramount to advancing STEM research in many fields and building curiosity for future frontiers. UOIT has placed itself at the forefront of a lot of research by investing nearly $100 million into the CAE. The centre  is available for rent to those seeking to bring ideas from proof of concept to ready for market.

“This is where the next generation of electric and alternative fuel vehicles, green energy technology and products we haven’t even thought of yet will be discovered, tested and validated.” boasts the centre’s fact sheet.

UOIT understand the possibilities that can come when we inspire STEM students to push the status quo. UOIT is a sponsor of NEM 2017 because they understand the importance of centre’s like the CAE and how they build awe at the possibilities of engineering and technology.

We encourage anyone in the Durham Region to go check out the facility if they’re curious about the amazing research centre. Thank you to the UOIT for their continued support and pushing the boundaries of knowledge.