What a Zombie Apocalypse Taught Me About Engineering

Zombies are the not the first things that come to mind when you think about engineering and technology, but across Ontario an engineering challenge called Zombie Apocalypse has already changed over 400 teachers to think about engineering in a new way for their students. Zombie Apocalypse combines teamwork, ingenuity and design into a challenge that has

Engineering Hollywood

La La Land received a record-tying 14 nominations in last night's Oscars. The film was one of ten films that received IMAX runs and Oscar kudos from the academy last night. IMAX is a Canadian treasure that has made the movie going experience all that more riveting.  How else can one feel more into their

National Engineering Month 2017 The Sky is the Limit

We're excited to be releasing our second NEM 2017 poster to the public. Our organizers may have already started hanging them around their local areas and campuses but here's a peek in case you haven't caught a glimpse. This design is one of our favourites because it highlights how interconnected engineering and technology are to

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NASA telescope finds 3 Planets in the “Goldilocks” Zone

The universe is constantly expanding at a rate that will eventually leave us unable to reach other galactic super-clusters, and alone in the cosmos. This is why it's so exciting that NASA has found 7 Earth sized planets orbiting a ultra-cool dwarf star relatively close to us. The exciting thing about these 7 planets is that

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National Engineering Month 2017 There is a Place For You

Here in the 21st century technology surrounds us. In the developing world, most people carry around more computing power in their pockets then was originally used to send humans into space. The pace of technology is outpacing our learning capabilities which is why pursuing a career in engineering and technology can sometimes be rigorous and

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