Outreach Strategies for Diversity

  Engineers, engineering technicians and technologists are up against a diverse set of challenges related to the way we live, work and play on this planet. Demands for everything from clean water to safe, affordable transportation, to medical care and entertainment devices keep our profession busy.  Delivering results on time, on budget and under numerous

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Engineering: Simple Solutions for Complex Problems

The essence of engineering resides in solving problems. We may associate engineering to intricate technological and mathematical challenges however this realm of profession goes way beyond that. This was demonstrated through a group of visiting University of Iowa professors and students that took upon the challenge of improving a centuries-old cooking technique in India to lower the

A night of basketball and fun with NEM Ontario!

There are a few tickets left for one of this year's National Engineering Month 'flagship' events for Ontario - a chance for our founding partner organizations and volunteers to join together to celebrate the campaign and reflect on our profession's achievements, and have some fun, too!  This year's Nothin' but NEM falls on March 18th,

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Celebrating Diversity in Engineering and Engineering Technology!

Slack Technologies scored itself a Crunchie for being the Fastest Rising Startup at TechCrunch’s 9th annual awards show last week. However, their win at the awards show went beyond just recognizing their exuberant growth since they were founded in 2013. They claim to have a more diverse workforce than any other start up and chose four of its engineers, all of them black and female, to accept the award on the company’s behalf in order to have Slack’s efforts to change the archetype of what people believe an engineer looks like recognized. “We’re engineers,” remarked Kiné Camara, at the acceptance speech through a thundering of applause. She also highlighted the importance of diversity in engineering and tech companies: 

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