Part 2: Where in the world is Global Engineering?

In yesterday’s blog post, we talked about global engineering at a conceptual level. But how is this concept being applied to real problems in the real world? In its 2011 Annual Report, to be released shortly, Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada provides several concrete examples of global engineering at work.

Part 1: What in the world is Global Engineering?

In these final days of National Engineering Month, let’s look to the future by focusing on global engineering. The concept of global engineering is not yet well known (or even well defined) within engineering circles, let alone amongst the general public. There is no “global engineering” entry on Wikipedia, and a Google search brings up

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[Guest Post] Engineers in high demand in Toronto Region

According to a study released in advance of National Engineering Month, engineers, technicians and technologists in the Toronto region are in high demand and short supply. In mechanical engineering, for example, 981 new jobs exist but only 457 qualified graduates to fill them.

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[NEMNews] Day 26: Recap and Map

As we move into the final week of NEM 2012, let’s take stock of some of the great events and activities we’ve experienced in the past 3 weeks: We’ve discussed what it means to be an engineer, and what some of the challenges facing the profession are We’ve seen some great entries into our Design the Future t-shirt contest, showing us amazing visions of the future: what new inventions we will have, how we will live and what will be different.

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